Jennifer Lopez publica o clipe de Medicine, seu novo single

Jennifer Lopez está de volta! Chegou no meio da semana passada o novo single da Diva do Bronx, Medicine, sua parceria com French Montana. No domingo, ela mostrou o clipe da canção. Veja:

Depois de um início de 2018 repleto de lançamentos, JLo deu um respiro nos últimos meses. Seu último lançamento foi em novembro com Limitless, composta pela Sia. Depois, ela participou do remix de Te Boté com Wisin y Yandel.

O grande mistério, contudo, continua sendo o lançamento de seu álbum produzido por Marc Anthony, cujo lançamento era esperado para o fim de 2017, foi adiado para o ano passado e, depois, nunca mais se falou a respeito.

Letra de Medicine – Jennifer Lopez feat French Montana

[Intro: French Montana]
[?], young [?]

[Verse 1: Jennifer Lopez & French Montana]
Ooh, don’t get got
Heard you got a bad rep, baby, don’t ya? (Woo)
I can be a lot
Don’t you ever say I never warned ya (Ayy)
Who’s gonna show me now?
You’ve been in my bed and around your homies
Oh, I can be a lot
If you don’t believe me, I can show ya

Don’t go thinkin’ you can use me (Woo)
It don’t take too much, you can lose me

Best believe I’m comin’ true with a new ting

I send shots like an Uzi

Oh, you ain’t
Yeah, think you need some medicine
I can be your medicine
Yeah, think you need some medicine
Give you a taste of what you can (?)
Think you need some medicine
I can be your medicine
Yeah, think you need some medicine
Give you a taste of what you can (?)

I wear balmain, drip
I drop as much as you think it is rain
There is no main, bitch
I take a vacation I fly to Spain
My life is insane, shit
Wherever I go they can all my name

Im changing the game

You and I are not the same

Buy me a two tone patek
Built his career as the lego
Im the best you don’t get it
Everyone knows I come from the ghetto

Everyone knows I started with zero
I chase no boars ba dinero
I just go up and you go downhill
You are under me how can you believe you are something

We did everything to win
My mother said you have to dream
Diamonds read on my ring
I came from zero with nothing
My whole life is like a movie
We release shots here no swing
When we’ll catch it lets ching

Now she’s on her beating a pling

Adds a prayer and I cry
I’m awake when you snooze
The way hit there ba pits
Half Sweden wants to book
Clearly my hates are boiling
I used to be in the corner
The choices they used were not wise
Fit your tongue to your pillow
Holken it’s a bazooka
You compare me with these rappers ashamed
I should be compared to Tupac
My dreams have always been great
In the suite I yep with a whore
They have stopped asking about Ant Wan
For now they have started o googla

Im the best (ever)
Is there no rest (never)

I take them to next (level)
The style is jet
Feeling blessed
Now we’re doing right
This game is easy
I’m number one

I want ass
Bitchen is boujee
I want cash
I want gucci
Get caught with Luci
Vending machines
My hand is on a booty
Your pocket is hatouti x2

Medicine, Medicine
Medicine, Medicine
Medicine, Medicine
Medicine, Medicine